Engineering in kinetic Arts



Digital Kinetic Sound Project

Artist: Cao Yanting, Zhao Zhuo

Complete Time: June 2018

Scale: 2.5*2.5*0.6 meters

Medium: Plywood, Nylon Wire, Metal, Electric Motor


It was December 2016, I turned my focus on kinetic sculptures and installations. I was originated from an experience that I encountered U-ram Choe’s pieces, (name) in a gallery which totally activated my strong interest about mechanism. In June,2017, I completed my first digital international project STING. And since STING, I seemed set up a type of framework, leading my following works.



Artist: Zhao Zhuo

Complete Time: June 2017

Scale: 2.5*0.4*0.4 meters

Medium: Plywood, Metal, Servo, Senor

Engineering is one of the bright spots in one kinetic art piece. The mechanism can be simple and hand made like Alexander Calder’s Mobiles, the parts are connected by wiles, dancing in the wind; the mechanism also can be so complex and become the elements of one piece on display such as U-ram Choe’s Urbanus series and following works. However, The appearance of my practices maybe more close to minimalism arts and early kinetic constructions made by Russian constructivism artists, they looked abstract and simple. In STING and the following work BUZZING, I used industry materials with a sheen and cold look. All these parts were made by machines rather than by hands. Also I hidden the mechanisms making them invisible in-order to lead audience to focus on the movement. I believe that the movement itself is able to convey information and express awareness. In these 2 pieces , I seemed to wish to create tensions between the inorganic and the bionic, leading people to think about the relationship between body and machine, nature and artificiality.


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